Independent improvement expertise for health and social care teams, organisations and systems

How we help

Our Values

We believe in the vital role that strong public services play in supporting communities. We pride ourselves in doing the right thing by patients, the public and the needs of our customers. Our flexible and understanding approach means that we will get the job done, whatever it takes.

Our Experienced Team

Liz Ward and Nick Downham.

With over 30 years of combined experience working in the public sector, we are a small improvement consultancy. We have a deep knowledge of improvement, Lean and large scale change programmes and we pride ourselves in tailoring our approaches individually to our clients.

When working with wdid you get us, not a junior staff member or someone with little experience. We personally work with every client to build up a close relationship. Perhaps it’s our Yorkshire roots but we believe that we are engaging, refreshing, pragmatic and above all honest.

Liz Ward Nick Downham About Us

How We Help

We provide independent improvement expertise in many ways. Including: improvement consulting, bespoke training, lecturing, strategic guidance, group facilitation, creating bespoke resources and designing and running workshops.

Our style of working with clients is unique and makes a real difference. We create strong relationships based on trust and collaboration because we genuinely care and understand.  We help teams and organisations challenge existing ways of working, in a way that brings staff along with the changes.

We thrive on helping organisations to identify opportunities, to come up with solutions, to implement changes, to programme plan (making improvements and measuring the impact), to sustain the change and then embed the culture in complex situations.

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Lean Healthcare Academy

A partnership with the Virtual College and wdid.

The Lean Healthcare Academy specialises in helping organisations develop world class Lean and service improvement skills.

Using a unique combination of expert face to face facilitation, coaching and high quality e-learning courses, we help organisations deliver their own improvements, rather than have improvement done to them.

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Who We Help

Of the 28 clients we have helped in the past three years, ALL of them have asked us back for new assignments and projects. This is an amazing endorsement.

From general practices, universities, hospitals, local authories, mental health organisations, national improvement bodies, CCGs, CSUs and pharmaceutical companies.

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