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May 25, 2014

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A bit of exciting news from us.

Over the past year we have been working with a number of CCGs and numerous general practices. Against a backdrop of a heavyweight mix of pressures that general practices are working through, we have been supporting practices with practical improvement. It is really challenging, fun and worthwhile work and we, along with the practices, have achieved and learned a lot.

From this valuable experience, and our learning from previous initiatives such as Productive Ward and Productive General Practice, we have been working with our close partners, KM&T to design and produce a new and unique programme of support for general practice.

The General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP – has been created completely independently and is a fresh look at how to stimulate and provide fast practical improvement in general practice. To help practices navigate the perfect storm they face and to help CCGs demonstrate value and form closer relationships with their practice members. CCGs and general practices have loved it. 

“Absolutely it has helped us create headspace and free up time” Practice Manager

“I think in a busy place like surgeries are, I think it has improved communications and working relationships and understanding of what each other does, particularly between upstairs and downstairs” GP Partner

Working with practices

GPIP features up to six work areas, all of which are fully supported on-site. We work with practices there and then, rolling up our sleeves and making improvements on every visit. The support is generally given over a three month period and is not reliant on a practice being left with a huge job list or homework. It is all about small manageable steps that make a huge difference. 

“It’s looking much better from a staffing point of view“ Practice Manager

“The facilitators have been awesome. They have offered advice and have been supportive every step of the way. I can’t fault the support” Practice Manager

Working with CCGs

Prior to practice level working, we work in co-production with the practices and their CCG (regional commissioning organisation) to ensure that the programme of support is exactly right and bespoke for their needs. We also work with CCGs to help them ensure they capitalise on the opportunity of forging even stronger relationships with their practice members through GPIP.

Ensuring transfer of learning

To aid the transfer of knowledge and capability building, GPIP features high quality work books to support each work area. So that, after we have facilitated high quality improvements, the practices can read up a little more on the techniques and digest the learning in their own time.

“It has already highlighted further pinch points for the coming year – so that we can now do something about it before they happen“ Practice Manager

“This is a really good way of looking at it – we don’t often get time or have the skills to look at a large piece of work this way” GP

“The numbers that came out of that were a real eye opener and everyone we have told within the practice in terms of the value of the piece of work and understanding where all your appointments disappear to – that for us was the biggest game changer as it is making us realise there are things we can do to create this headspace that this is all about” Practice Manager

Together with KM&T, we are really proud about the programme. It is a very high quality, national level programme that has been designed and produced independently. Working independently has allowed us to produce a comprehensive programme of support in a short period of time. It allows us to be totally flexible and responsive with both the support offered and also the work areas covered.

Available to General Practice and CCGs now

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