Insights into improvement #5: Biscuits for improvement

May 12, 2014

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Which biscuits provide a catalyst for organisational improvement?

Over the past year we have been providing improvement expertise and support for all types of organisation, from general practices, to county councils, to acute hospitals. This often takes the form of group coaching or one to one sessions. We find that when working with all levels of staff (from directors to front line), biscuits help.

So we are not so sure about the evidence behind this, but our observation is biscuits not only provide a welcome break from the daily pressures of managing a team or organisation, but they often get the creative juices flowing. We think they help people think differently.

Now not any old biscuit will do. Walk in with the same old digestive every time and staff cannot escape the daily grind. But supply something a little different and you tend to be able to snap out of the daily pressures and relax – ready to embrace new ways of working.

To do this you need a premier league biscuit. We list our top three:

At 3: Fox’s Party Rings

Instantly transports you back to your childhood or your kids younger years. A good sugar hit and also an acceptable treat at 29 calories….. A big hit with midwives and GPs. 

At 2: Jammie Dodgers

These got a very strong reception from a group of band 7 nurses on a workforce development programme we were running.  A biscuit with jam… what more can you ask for….

At 1: Tunnock’s Tea Cakes

OK, so these are technically cakes – but they are the king of improvement food. They provide a whirlwind of new ideas and enthusiasm. This box lasted about 30 seconds….

Want help or want to discuss any of the themes in person (or have a suggestion for a better improvement biscuit)? Contact us.