Quality Improvement (QI) and Lean Masterclass - open for bookings!

March 19, 2018

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We are pleased to announce that our 'open' QI and Lean masterclass is available for bookings. Suitable for individuals or groups:

Quality Improvement and Lean Masterclass – 4 days

22nd / 23rd May and the 12th/13th June 2018

Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

A deep dive into the best of QI and Lean Thinking.

“The best training course I have ever been on” – Masterclass Participant, NHS National Improvement Body.

This masterclass is aimed at those wishing to reach practitioner level.

Quality Improvement and Lean Thinking methodologies are at the forefront of health and social care improvement efforts. They are being used both at the front line and at strategic level to make and shape improvement efforts. This four-day masterclass will equip you with the theory, practical tools and confidence to begin to apply these methods in your organisation or system.


  • Chronology, milestones and origins
  • Lean principles
  • Making it stick
  • Driver diagrams / theory of change
  • Measurement for improvement
  • PDSA
  • Mapping techniques
  • Waste
  • Variation
  • Deming
  • Single and double loop interventions
  • Sustainability
  • Lean tools
  • Standardisation
  • Delays and queuing
  • QI model

For more information see the masterclass flyer here.