How We Help

We provide independent improvement expertise in many ways. Find out here.

Independent improvement expertise for teams, organisations and systems

We provide independent improvement expertise in many ways. Including: improvement consulting, bespoke training, lecturing, strategic guidance, group facilitation, creating bespoke resources and designing and running improvement workshops.

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Creating bespoke improvement programmes

Creating the General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP).

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Creating resources to support improvement

Many large scale improvements require resources to support them. These can range from flyers, workbooks, instructional guides, maturity matrices templates, websites and films.

Creating these resources not only requires expertise in world class improvement techniques, experience in the design and production cycle and a talent for connecting with audiences and demystifying improvement techniques. These are all things we have in abundance.

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Lean Healthcare Academy

A partnership with the Virtual College and wdid

The Lean Healthcare Academy specialises in helping organisations develop world class Lean and service improvement skills.

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