Independent improvement expertise for teams, organisations and systems

Flexible support for health and social care

Learning events and group facilitation

We have facilitated 100's of large scale and group based working sessions for clients. We help teams and groups of stakeholders to come together, share learning and move their aims and ambitions forward. We provide independent and expert structure to events and workshops. Our success comes from our detailed preparation and event design. We ensure events are structured, professional and that all activities move discussions forward to action. We facilitate sessions so that they remain balanced and inclusive. 

Improvement consulting

We provide improvement consulting support for organisations at all levels. From front line team coaching to executive and organisational consulting.

Lean thinking forms the core of our working methodology. Its relentless pursuit of value in the eyes of the customer links strongly to the need to hold the service user at the centre of everything we do. Our understanding of Lean in the health and social care sector is second to none. We have the unique ability to quickly adapt Lean and other improvement methods to your exact context.



We provide lecturing support for higher education providers and also healthcare provider internal teaching schemes. Our expertise and practical experience means we can provide robust, high quality and thought provoking taught courses in improvement science, Lean principles, measurement for improvement, capacity and demand, flow and team integration amongst numerous other improvement topics. 

(I really liked) the session on capacity/demand and utilisation, it was very helpful in understanding the impact of high utilisation and also the effects of detraction and failure demand on demand and capacity. I feel this is applicable to a lot of work I am involved in and it was demonstrated very well with the "dice" utilisation game.

Following a taught workshop on behalf of a university healthcare improvement centre Senior clinician