Who We Help

Of the 28 clients we have helped in the past three years, ALL of them have asked us back for new assignments and projects. An amazing endorsement.

Leading healthcare improvement organisation

We designed and facilitated national high quality learning events to support the development of a new safety framework for healthcare providers. This has benefited the healthcare organisation by moving them away from what was a predominantly reactive model of safety.

We then also created improvement resources to support the creation and rollout of a new safety framework for healthcare providers. Using our principles of co-production and user testing, we used our specialist expertise to consolidate learning from multiple test sites.

Health and social care improvement centre at a leading Russell Group university

We designed and delivered improvement science and flow workshops for primary, secondary, social care and third sector professionals across a large city health and social care economy.

As part of this we also carried out a programme of coaching for cross sector improvement projects. Ultimately this work improved the cardiovascular referral yield and accuracy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease diagnosis.

National healthcare improvement body

Through our Lean Healthcare Academy we designed and delivered a bespoke five-day Lean master class to kick start a Lean improvement programme. Delegates also received supporting e-learning resources and we also provided project coaching along with assessment and accreditation of projects.

Inner city local authority

We designed and delivered a bespoke programme of workforce development and coaching to support the integration of health visitor, midwifery and children’s centre teams. As a result, the services and support available to families with vulnerable children under the age of five improved significantly.

National research body

We designed a bespoke, continuous improvement framework to support an internal improvement programme. This included professionally producing supporting materials, strategic guidance and delivering a programme of training workshops.

Large mental health partnership

We created an improvement programme to feed into an existing internal continuous improvement programme. The team created a bespoke approach to the work, with the production of supporting tools and delivering the workforce training workshops.

General Practice

We applied our vast experience of Lean based principles to deliver improvements for a number of General Practices. Improvements have included streamlining the allocation of jobs, identifying those patients who are high frequency attenders, more effective staff planning, reception processes such as telephone answering and overall workplace organisation.

Large hospital trust

We designed and delivered bespoke improvement skills programmes for band 6 and band 7 nurses. We were able to help equip the participants with up to date improvement skills and help to build confidence levels whilst challenging the system and making wider improvements.

Clinical Commission Group – supporting federating

On behalf of a CCG primary care development team, we helped groups of newly federated practices fulfil their vision and ambitions. Our work has included delivering a series of carefully designed and facilitated workshops to bring federating practice members together and speed up decision making and actions.

Clinical Commission Group – Continuing Health Care and Funded Nursing Care process improvement

We designed and facilitated rapid improvement workshops featuring health and social care participants. The workshops quickly reduced barriers between sectors and planned out the forthcoming periods improvements.

Leading management consultancy

We carried our concept creation, design, testing and creation of materials for a new national General Practice improvement programme. This included creating a supporting film, the accompanying marketing materials and the quality assurance structure.

Regional improvement body

We wrote a bespoke, context specific, improvement toolkit for mental health organisations and professionals.

Commissioning Support Unit

We have reduced the complexity of Funded Nursing Care and Continuing Health Care processes, using Swimlane process mapping. We also created supporting project management resources.

Pharmaceutical company

Through our Lean Healthcare Academy we delivered a Lean master class to help build internal and customer facing improvement capability. Delegates also we given access to a suite of service improvement e-learning courses to complement their face to face learning.

Online training provider

We designed a new, virtual, continuous improvement accreditation framework.

Regional research bodies

We have created and delivered workshops to support various areas of improvement. These have included patient participation group facilitation, rapid improvement workshops and away day facilitation.